Eggplant health benefits

Eggplants belong to the group of healthy ingredients which have low calorie number, abundant in nutrient fibers and antioxidants, and they are good for the whole organism too.

Eggplant helps in losing weight

Eggplant contains high levels of water and belongs to the low-calorie ingredients. These qualities make eggplant the ideal choice for people who want to be careful with their diet, and want to reduce the extra weight too. Its spongy texture allows you to do this in many ways.

It is excellent for the heart

Eggplant is explicitly beneficial for the health of the heart. By its consumption we can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, improve the health of the arteries walls and loosen the tensed blood vessels.

Helps in maintaining the health of the brain

The high level of phytonutrients in the eggplant helps in maintaining the health of the brain protecting it from free radicals and the rest of the harmful effects. Eggplant contains B complex which calms the body and mental sickness. Therefore, it is better to consume the eggplant in more natural form, with minimal thermic processing.

Contains only a few calories

If you are careful with the consumption of calories, then you can eat eggplant with no worries. 200g of eggplant contains only 35 calories which is a small number taking into consideration the nutrients in it.

It is a rich source of potassium

Potassium is necessary for maintaining a healthy blood pressure and helps in prevention of gums disease. It is an essential component in the fight against inflammations of the gums and arteries.

Prevents cancer appearance

Some studies have shown that eggplant juice can reduce the risk of cancer appearance. Actually, eggplant contains trypsin for which is believed that helps in the neutralization of the cells that cause cancer.

Helps those who suffer from diabetes type 2

Eggplant contains a huge amount of fibers which reduce the glicosis levels in the blood, which makes it suitable for the health of diabetics.

Helps against obstipation

This vegetable is excellent when it comes to obstipation because of the huge amount of fibers. Vegetable fibers clean the intestines from toxins and stimulate the regular digestion.

You can prepare it in many ways, and enjoy its flavor. You will notice the positive changes of your health in no time.

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