10 Most Powerful Natural Remedies

With centuries, people have cured various diseases and conditions with herbs and their healing property, with food or a combination, and because natural remedies almost never have a negative side effect, they are used today too instead of the conventional remedies. Besides, herbal medicine is actually the basis of the modern medicine and has many advantages; it stimulates the natural healing, it is more available from financial aspect, has less or no side effects, it stimulates the immune system and stabilizes the hormones and the metabolism.


Ginger is a strong and natural remedy against pain and inflammatory processes, and it also has antibiotic properties, no matter the form you are using. It can be found fresh, in powder, as tincture and healing oil.

Onion and garlic

These two have strong antibacterial and antifungal property, and they have properties that prevent cancerous diseases. The garlic is one of the most common antibiotics in the whole world.


Echinacea is also a natural remedy with antibacterial properties. It helps with flu, ear infections, and fungal infection of the feet, fever, and sinusitis.


The essential thyme oil has strong antibacterial and antiseptic property. Thyme in different forms heals cough. The bath with this essential oil calms the anxiety and reliefs the pain in the joints. When it is applied to the skin helps in the healing process of the eczema, acne and similar issues.


It is well known that the honey destroys more than 60 different kinds of bacteria.


Essential clove oil is antibacterial and it is often used in healing gums issues, it slows down the cavity processes and helps in the care of the oral health.

Coconut Oil

This oil is also antibacterial, but antifungal too. If you take it orally it prevents the patogene organisms to enter the digestion system.

Wild Oregano Oil

This is a powerful natural remedy against viruses, fungi and bacteria. It has anti-inflammatory property, and helps with the skin too. It calms the toothache, slows down the paradentosis and helps in the fight against digestion issues.

Yellow root

It improves the health of the digestion system, calms the symptoms of gastritis and intestinal infections, and it is pretty efficient in the fight against Helicobacter. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal property. It is good in the healing process of Escherichia Coli because it prevents the bacteria to attach to the urinary tract.

Apple Vinegar

It has strong anti-inflammatory property and helps in the fight against acne and arthritis.