9 Food Facts We are Lying Ourselves About

The palm oil is unhealthy; we should totally rule out the potatoes of our diets, monosodium glutamate can cause addiction… You have heard some of these statements for sure. Here are some of the food myths we all believe in and check which of them are true.

  1. Latte contains less caffeine than the espresso. – Many of us are convinced that the espresso contains most caffeine of all beverages. The probable feature that leads to this conclusion is the strong flavor of the coffee which has nothing to do with the amount of caffeine in it.
  2. Fruits and sweets are only meant for desserts. – Nutritionists unanimously disagree with this belief. Fruits are recommended for breakfast and they are considered to be a healthy replacement for your daily snack. Sweets are best to eat in the morning because only then they will not influence the balance of the insulin in your blood. You should avoid consuming white sugar after your lunch.
  3. Monosodium glutamate is dangerous for your health. – E621, sodium salt of glutamine acid, is the most common food additive in the world. Its formula is created in Japan. This compound can be found in many products like tomatoes and bell peppers.
  4. Rye bread is better for your health than the white one. – The number of calories is the same in both types of bread. Rye bread is richer in fibers, and the white one is easier to digest. It is your choice only.
  5. The best snack is granola. – Favorite snack of the people who are leading a healthy lifestyle is a mixture of baked oats, kernel products and honey. But because of reducing the calories it contains artificial sugars, which can increase your appetite.
  6. Olive oil is better for your metabolism than the sunflower one. – Experts say that all of the oils received from herbal seeds are good for your health if you use it in moderate amounts.
  7. Sugar received from sugar cane is healthy. – This type of sugar can be consumed unrefined but when it comes to the useful microelements it contains only small amounts.
  8. Pasta and potatoes are bad for your body shape. – 100 grams of baked potatoes have 80 calories, and the same amount of French fries has 317 calories. Pastas from hard wheat have more calories than the others such as vermicelli.
  9. Palm oil is unhealthy. – There is a balance between the palmitic acid and oleic acid, so there is no stimulation of the bad cholesterol, as people believe.