A Different Kind of Milk: What’s The Latest Trend In The Milk Industry?

How many types of milk have you tried? Except the regular cow milk and its low-fat and reduced fat variations, there is also goat milk which is considered to be one of the healthiest, especially when taken from the farm and free from preservatives.

Because of various eating trends (veganism, dairy-restricted diets, lactose-free dairy diets and so on) are plant-base drinks an increasingly popular alternative for milk.

In the last decade, the craze about vegan milks has escalated and various plants have been used to extract milk from. First, it was soy milk, used in coffees, lattes, shakes and with cereals and in cooking, then came the almond and cashew milk. Thanks to the hardworking and wisely business-oriented companies, these milks got enhanced and “advanced” to flavored vegan milks, which we all love them, including the basics chocolate and vanilla, and then the strawberry and other flavors.

And of course, one of the favorites of all vegan and vegetarians is coconut milk. And, while the coconut is being used for its liquid and the making of milk, there’s one more fruit, that is not nutty at all, but it has all the powers and features of a god source for making milk. We’re talking about banana milk.

Just like its name says, the milk is extracted or more like, made directly from the banana fruit. There’s no dairy (cow or any other milk or powder of animal origin), which again, just like its precedents, makes it vegan.

You can consume it in shakes, coffees, cereals, baking and cakes, or you can drink it plain. There are several companies that produce this milk, like Banana Wave, who make their milk from pureed bananas and soybeans, and other grains and seeds. The company does not reveal the complete recipe, but are not hiding the fact that the same comes from Ancient Africa. The second company is Mooala, and they make the milk banana with some slight variations i.e. they add sunflower seed butter, cinnamon and salt to the pureed fruit. They also use an African recipe, sharing a fun fact that this type of milk has been used since 3000 BC, specifically in the valley of Nile, and the African kingdoms of Kush and Nubia, whose members were drinking this milk to take a break from the heat and the hard work.

The milk banana is usually thick, sweet and contains less sugar than orange or apple juice. Also, in 230 ml glass of banana milk, there’s the same amount of potassium as you can find it in one small banana.

Vegan Home-made Banana Milk

Ingredients: 2 bananas, 500 ml water, optionally 2 drops of vanilla extract or 0,5 tsp maple or agava syrup


  • Add all the ingredients into the blending jar.
  • Put the blending jar on the base, attach the vacuum device.
  • Dial function VB (vacuum blend) and press start.
  • Once done pour in glass/bottle and drink immediately or save in fridge for later.


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