Food Ingredients That Have No Expiration Date

The expiration date of the food ingredients can be really confusing. Not only they have several dates you need to understand but sometimes the dates can be completely wrong. Therefore, we pretty often throw away things that are still good. And, you can take a look at the following list of food ingredients with no expiry dates applied.


Salt, no matter if it is sea salt or stone salt, cannot spoil and stays always fresh as the first day you have bought it.


It is not hard at all to keep the freshness of the sugar, but to prevent it from hardening and lumping. Because sugar does not support the bacteria development, it will never spoil. You simply have to keep it away from fluids and insects.


Honey has unlimited expiry date. It can change its color or crystalize, but it will be still good for consumption. If the honey crystalizes, you just put the jar in a bowl with warm water and stir while the crystals melt.


Even if the box has a layer of dust on it, the rice inside will be still good for consumption. This applies to almost every type of rice, but not the brown one which because of the bigger amount of fats it can spoil. The only thing you should be careful with when it comes to rice is to keep it away from insects.

White vinegar

You can bigger amount of white vinegar because it doesn’t spoil. This vinegar can last forever. Except for salads and cooking meals, white vinegar can also be used for cleaning.

Vanilla extract

Clean vanilla extract will always remain fresh because it is kept in pure alcohol. Pay attention if it is a real vanilla extract, because other products have an expiry date. It is better to choose the real alternative even though it is expensive.

Alcoholic beverages

There is no need to drink every bottle to the bottom in your home. Well closed and well stored bottles of alcohol can last as long as necessary. In time the beverage might change its aroma slightly, but you probably won’t even notice that.

Dry beans

Dry beans can also last till forever. The only thing that can be an issue is that when you want to cook it it’s going to take longer to soften. The positive side to this is that it didn’t lose its nutrient value.

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