Morning Job Chair Workouts For Your ABS

You sit behind your desk every day 8 hours, go to work with the public transport or car (sitting again)… Even though you eat healthy, you run out of time to exercise. Don´t worry, you can do simple exercises right in the office on the chair. The only side effect of these exercises is gaining a sexy body, so be careful. J All you need is a little bit of free space and calmness (you can work out in front of your colleagues too, if you feel comfortable doing so and if they don’t distract you). Since your belly (many people have similar metabolic system as you, so when they put on fat or weight, these little devil things mostly accumulate in the belly area) is the part of your body that isn’t being worked at all when you sit, here are some easy chair abs exercises that you can do in your office chair (make sure it’s a static one, so you don’t fall off or hurt yourself).

First of all, stretch: get up, move your body, bend forward and relieve your neck and back muscles by completely letting your upper body to “hang” towards the floor. Then, sit in the chair and start the workouts. Don’t eat any heavy and massive meals before the exercises to avoid nausea and digestive complications.

  1. As you sit in the chair with your back straight and not touching the chair, put your arms on the back of your head and start lifting one knee towards the diagonal elbow. Repeat 10 times and do the same with the other knee.
  2. Shape your waist and abs by sitting in the chair in the following position and doing this: sit straight on the edge of the chair, and tightly hold the armrests. Tighten your abs and while breathing on your mouth and nose, focus and start the exercise by leaning on one side (sit on one glute) and lifting your legs towards your breasts. Put your legs down and up until you make 10-15 movements. Repeat by changing the glute.
  3. Work your abs by holding the armrests like in the previous exercise. Sit straight, focus at one dot and breathe properly. Merge your legs, tight your abs and lift both your knees, pulling them towards your upper stomach. Repeat 10-15 times without letting your feet touch the ground.
  4. Get up, stretch and drink water in smaller sips. Feeling fresh and tight already?