Now It´s Your Turn To Maximize Your Form And Immunity

Being fit is a real challenge, because it includes so much discipline, restrictions, struggle, faith, hard work, healthy eating, wellness goals and programs and patience. Still, there’s no feeling as powerful as the one that wakes in you when you see yourself in the mirror and recognize your hard work. If you’re still a beginner, or if you doubt whether you’re in a good shape or you need to improve and increase your efforts, make these easy fitness tests and see what your level of strength is.

1. Aerobic fitness

You can test your aerobic fitness by running 3 kilometers. This test is meant to determine your endurance and your speed. Before starting the test, warm up with a short 10-12 minutes jog and then start running with the speed that is suitable for your physical condition.  Of course, the speed should still be at a proper fast pace (don’t race-walk). Use a stopwatch to measure the time you’ll need to finish these 3 km.

2.Muscular fitness

To check the strength of your muscles, do a short pushup test. According to researches and trainers, people at age from 20 to 29 should be able to make 15 to 29 pushups. To do the pushups correctly, lie on your stomach with your hands underneath your shoulders. Push yourself up and keep your abs firm (use the strength from your core when you’re doing the pushups). With no rush, lower towards the floor and touch it with your chin, then go back in the same position. Repeat until you can. Breathing, just like in any other exercise, is essential here. Try to focus on proper practice of this exercise while you breathe deep. This will prevent you from getting an injury or post-workout back pain.


This is another muscle-related test; it’s a “stretch and reach” exercise. Check your muscles flexibility and extension level by measuring the length of your arms stretch. Warm up before this exercise. Take a stick that is longer than your legs. Mark it with centimeters. Sit on the floor, open your legs wide, place the stick between your legs and stretch your arms forward, by bending your upper body. Stretch forward and measure the reach of your arms on the stick’s centimeters. Your reach should be at least 52 cm.

If you don’t fulfill the expected results, don’t get disappointed, but rather, take that as a challenge.

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