Reasons Why Your Body Cannot Lose Weight

You are constantly under regime, exercise regularly a few months, and the results are not present. Instead of blaming genetics for that, reads about the other reasons that may stop your body from losing the extra weight.

You don’t put enough effort

Training has to be of good quality. If you spend too much time on running or the gym, it doesn’t mean that you are doing that in a proper way. Also, it is necessary to constantly set new goals. Once an exercise becomes easy for you, don’t get satisfied with that. Start lifting heavier weights or runner faster on a longer track. The constant progress and the quality in exercise will provide you with success in losing weight.


Organism, simply, knows when you have an emotional issue and will sabotage your weight loss. Stress affects losing weight really bad by keeping the fats in the organism, especially those in the abdominal area. Therefore, make sure that you keep the things and [people who hurt you away.

Food intolerance

Maybe you have a proper diet with diversity but the weight remains the same. One of the possible reasons is your intolerance to certain food ingredients. Consuming food which you organism cannot tolerate leads to certain inflammations inside the organism and they prevent you from getting the desired results. Tests for food intolerance will provide you with useful information which can help you in the process of weight loss.

You are exposed to many poisons

Poisons are consumed through polluted air, cigarettes, medications, chemical substances used in cosmetics, and etc. they deposit in fatty cells in the organism. If our body uses these cells as sources of energy the toxins will be released and will create a chaos. Luckily, the organism is smart enough not to use them, but that way the fats stay deposited on places we don’t want to. The solution is elimination of the toxins, which the organism can burn the calories freely. You can try detoxing diet with huge amount of fluids, and especially teas and cocoa. Also, you should take into consideration the detox treatments.

Pay attention to the time when you consume certain ingredients. Drink a lot of water. Exercise in the right way, and don’t make excuses. If your body weight remains unchanged, do something different; change the methods that don’t give you the desired result. Use some of the above-mentioned tips, and you will notice the difference in no time.