The perfect weekend morning that you deserve

There are so many different thoughts on perfect mornings and how they should look like. You’re in a constant battle to achieve your goals, but the closest you get to accomplishing these is writing them down in your notebook full of plans, ideas and tasks. And the third ones usually win. Tasks: the point between responsibility and frustration. There’s a poem that says:

“Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better

To paint a picture, or write a letter,

Bake a cake, or plant a seed;

Ponder the difference between want and need…”

Have you ever thought of leaving your obsessive routine to clean your home every weekend and put it in order? Organize your time and to these tasks throughout the week. Ask for help or skip the cleaning. Time passes and there’ll come a day when you’ll tell yourself: “I was so naïve. I should’ve leave more and worry about exaggerated tidiness less”.

Benjamin Franklin has said that “wisdom is in measured routine”.

Here is a scenario that shows your next perfect morning.

The morning of pure joy

Some mornings are better when phones are turned off and no sound is heard, except the sound of early morning cars on your street or the chatter of the neighbors.

You decide to turn on the laptop and play your favorite morning song. You’re wearing your favorite improvised pajamas (an old shirt with stains from the previous summer wall painting) and you’re sitting still in that comfy chair. Your partner’s hair is peeking through the half-opened bedroom door and you’re smiling gratefully for this happiness. The sun warms your back through the window and you get up to prepare two cups of coffee. You open the fridge and you take two slices of the pie that you made last night.

It’s still fresh and delicious, so you decide to decorate the dining table for no reason. You write a love note, you decorate the plates and you place the two cups of coffee and two saucers with pie slices. You play the song that you and your partner adore, this time louder and you wait for them to wake up. You decide to go to bed and whisper them good morning. They smile, still sleepy and lazy. You kiss them on the forehead and you go back to the dining room. You’re happy, because you have everything you need.

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