Extract and protect nutrients

MultiFresh features powerful, stainless steel titanium-coated blades. They will not only never be affected by food acids, but will always keep their shape and sharpness. They have been highly engineered and specially positioned in a hexagon shape with domes, that enables them to create a super vortex inside the blending jar. This causes food to be pulverized down to the cellular level and consequently, your body can absorb more nutrients.

What is even more, no food will stick to the blades but will be pushed to the sides for better blending.

Result is a smoothie so fresh, rich in nutrients and bursting with flavour that you’ll never miss breakfast again.

Designed to give your body the maximum

With its 800W of power and 25.000 RPM, Multifresh was designed for maximum efficiency. We knew that to give the best for your body, it has to get the best from your food.