Get To Know The Bar Language and Become The Master of Cocktail Terms

Do you like going to bars and having fun with your friends? Do you find yourself thinking which drink to order and in the end you catch yourself always choosing the same glass of your favorite drink? Changes should be part of the smallest parts of your life. Read these bar terms and surprise the local bartender by knowing his bar lingo better than him! In addition we are adding few easy cocktail recipes you can prepare with the MultiFresh™, revolutionary 5in1 machine right at home!

You’re usually ordering cocktails? Check these words and make sure what you’re taking next time.

  • Muddled – a cocktail that contains mix of crushed veggies, fruit and herbs
  • Float – a liquor addition on the top of a cocktail. Really artsy!
  • Virgin – cocktail drunk by v…anyone. It’s just that it doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • Highball – cocktails served in highball usually contain soda and have liquor as a base
  • Toddy – hot cocktail with strong alcohol such as whiskey
  • Dirty – contains olive juice

Ice: yes or no

  • Neat – you’re ordering a beverage without ice
  • Easy ice – a drink with a pinch of crushed ice or very little amount
  • On the rocks – If you tell this to the bartender, expect a glass full of rocks. No, expect a glass full of large ice cubes.


Extras – additions in cocktails and beverages

  • A splash/dash of – a small amount of additional ingredient
  • Make it double – you know this one, don’t you? How many times in a single night do you order double liquor?
  • A well one – It means that you need a drink, but you also need some extra, which you don’t have at the moment of ordering so you’re asking for a well beverage (the cheapest drink on the bar shelves). We’ve all been there, no worries.
  • Top shelf – here comes the shelf that makes all the other shelves jealous – this is the part where the bar keeps the most expensive bottles.
  • Chaser – an additional small palatable drink to help you ‘wash down’ the previous strong one. Usually, it’s a glass of beer, light beverage or a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Keep it open – Favorite phrase to any bar owner – the drinker is ready to leave his heavy cash at the bar. Or, you can say: take my credit card/cash and give me all the drinks I want. Cheers, fighter!

Sexy frozen strawberry Margarita

Ingredients: 180 ml of tequila, 60 ml of triple sec liquer, 250 ml of frozen strawberries in syrup, 120 ml of frozen lime juice, some ice.


  • Put ice and all ingredients to the blending jar.
  • Dial function blend and press start.
  • Once done, pour in glass on which the edge you already decorate with strawberry juice and powdered sugar.

TIP: If you prefer bigger chunks of ice, blend the cocktail just with few pushes the PULSE button.


Ingredients: 45 ml vodka, 15 ml  cointreau liquer, 1 tsp lime juice, 45 ml cranberry juice, a piece of lime peel to decorate, some ice


  • Put ice and all ingredients to the blending jar.
  • Once done, pour in glass and decorate it with lime peel.

Classic Long Island Ice Tea

Ingredients: 45 ml vodka, 45 ml gin, 45 ml rum, 45 ml triple sec liquer, 1 tsp tequila, 2 tsp orange juice, 60 ml cola, some ice, a slice of lemon


  • Put ice and all ingredients to the blending jar.
  • Once done, pour in glass and decorate it with a slice of lemon.

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