Protect your vitamins, protect your health

To give the best to your body, you have to get the best from your food. Multifresh is the one to do it. This unique multifunction vacuum blender and nutrition protector can blend, cook soups, vacuum seal, grind and crush. It can do it all while preserving the best food has to offer.

Beyond a blender. Beyond a vacuum blender. It is 5in1 machine.

When food is subjected to air, it loses nutrients and vitamins. Meet Multifresh, vacuum blender that first extracts out all the air, then blends ingredients. By preventing oxidation, it preserves colors, flavours, vitamins and nutrients of whatever food. Its blades and 800W of power in combination with 25.000 RPM also causes food to be pulverized down to the cellular level, resulting in the fact that your body can absorb even more nutrients.

But Multifresh is even more. It features regular blending function, grinding, is a vacuum sealing station and can make soups with unique inbuilt heating element that actually cooks, and not uses power of rotations.