Reasons why smoothies should be a part of your daily meals

It seems that smoothies became part of our daily lives just like the Internet is. Once you try them, you become addicted. Once you start researching in detail and find that for every taste and most of the problems in the body you can make this great drink, you will never stop making it again.

Then, you learn to choose from what’s offered to you and to get the most out of it. Have you ever tried to sum up the benefits of consuming smoothies? If not, here we come in good spirits and ready to help you in the making of this list.

1.Daily amount of vitamins fulfilled

Since childhood, your parents would teach you how healthy are to consume fruits and veggies. And it’s not that you didn’t like them, it’s just that you were too lazy to prepare yourself a fruit salad or to cut the fresh veggies. Well, now revolutionary 5in1 machine MultiFresh™ is here to help you so get your daily allowance of vital vitamins. You can blend your favourite fruits or vegetables with the one you don´t like so much and you´ll be thrilled with the interweaving of flavors.

2. Weight loss

Isn’t it just easier to blend everything than to prepare a complex meal when you’re on a strict diet? You can slim down by exercising and making your favorite smoothies. Researches and doctors confirm that drinks can help in losing weight, but you know that a cup of fresh squeezed lemon or a glass of cucumber water is not enough, so smoothie is the perfect balance between a dense and liquid meal.  In addition to fruits, vegetables and water, you can add your favorite superfood and prepare a delicious post-workout meal.

3. It makes you even more beautiful than you were

Yes, regular consummation of smoothies rich in vitamins and minerals can help you clean your skin and revive your hair and nails. Due its good effect on the body, especially digestion, regular consumption invigorates you from within. Shine from the inside out.

4. You educate yourself

As you learn and master the process of preparing delicious smoothies, you discover new and important information on nutrients, benefits from specific foods, combination of foods and how they influence your body and organism. This is one of the most positive sides of smoothies, because once you learn about the healthiest ingredients, you will know how to prepare them when smoothies aren’t included in the kitchen game.  You can also share the acquired knowledge with your loved ones and inspire them to start preparing smoothies.

5. No more cravings and sweets crisis

Did you have the same reaction of ironical “Pff…huh!” like most of the people when someone would tell them that smoothies are the healthy alternative to snacks and sweets? Look at you! You’re preparing your favorite sweet smoothie made of cocoa powder, banana, dates, coconut powder and honey and you’re laughing at yourself for your past attitude. Once the body gets use to healthy life style everything it´s possible.

6. Fun and creative

Have you tried to create a layered colorful smoothie? Or maybe a colorful smoothie bowl? You can also check some simple recipes and ideas in our website or in our social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

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