Smoothies turning brown? Never again!

We know it sounds pretty much impossible. Till now you had to get up early and prepare everything from fresh ingredients so that the smoothie didn’t lose too much of its nutritional value. Nevertheless, if you went to school or work and planned to consume it for late breakfast or snack, it turned into an unappealing mush. Just admit it, sometimes you were ashamed of your own smoothie although you’ve put so much energy in making it or you simply lost your appetite.

Luckily, those days are over. It’s time for always fresh, delicious and nutritious smoothies with the new Multifresh. And you can prepare them even the night before and they will stay just as nutritious.

How is that even possible?

The secret lies in Multifresh’s state of the art technology that removes air prior to blending. We all know what happens to food that is left out in the air. Because of oxidation food loses freshness and nutritional value.

This will not happen with Multifresh. Not only does it remove air, it vacuums it out completely. When you put ingredients in it, you attach the vacuum and the MultiFresh removes all the air out of the jar before blending. Consequently the smoothie won’t have any foaming or air bubbles, the layers will not separate, making it not only look better but also taste better.

Good on the outside, good on the inside

However, the results will not only be visible to the eye and felt by your taste buds. The benefits of smoothies prepared by Multifresh will be felt – the absence of air does not only preserve colors and flavours, but also what is on the inside of your food – vitamins and nutrients.

Air out, vitamins in

Because of vacuum blending the smoothies that you make are more vitamin packed at the moment of preparation. If you drink it immediately, your body will get up to 74%* more vitamins. What is more, it still contains more vitamins that non vacuum-blended smoothie after 48 hours:

  • 114% more vitamin E,**
  • 27% more vitamin C,**
  • 38% more vitamin A.**

Even if you blend it one night before drinking it, it will still contain more vitamin E than a fresh one directly blended. After drinking it you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world!
Na polovico ni ni oxidirana, dejmo multifresh logo čez

*MultiFresh smoothie contains 74% more vitamin E than Nutribullet smoothie at the moment of preparation.
** After 48 hours, smoothie from MultiFresh contains 114% more vitamin E, 27% more vitamin C and 38% more -carotene (also found in vitamin A).