Types of pizza in the world

Let’s make this easier for you; we won’t talk about pineapple pizza. But, we may debate about some other types of pizza in the world that you probably haven’t tried yet.

When you go in a restaurant or a pizzeria, you already know the menu, less or more. The regular, most common ones contain a list of 10 to 15 types of pizza, counting Neapolitan pizza, Lazio, Quattro Formaggi, Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham pizza, Vesuvio, Margheritta, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan and other well-known pizza types.

And here comes the informative storm! The following pizzas are the gems of world’s cultural and food heritage, and if you have the luck to travel and try at least one of these, please come back and let us know details about the taste!

1.Lahma Bi Ajeen

No, it’s not a pizza with llama meat, thanks God! Still, it contains meat so sorry plant and cheese lovers. The name of the pizza means “meat with dough”, and it is of Lebanese origin, but you can find it in other Middle East countries. Lahma Bi Ajeen is a pizza made with ground lamb, cumin, minced onions and yogurt. It doesn’t sound like the combination from your pizza dreams, but who knows…maybe it’s not so bad.


2. Deep Dish

No, we’re not talking about the band (but I guess their name was inspired exactly by this pizza). Deep Dish has its origin in Chicago, and one of the oldest info about its origin comes from an article from 1943. In this article, the pizza that you’re supposed to eat with fork and knife was said to come as a secondary idea for a Mexican dish.


Two partners, Sewell and Ricardo planned to open a restaurant with Mexican food, but after trying a sample meal, one of the partners was disgusted by that certain dish and he proposed to make pizza instead. His partner didn’t agree from the beginning, because he wanted something bigger and something that will enable guests to feel full, so he said he wanted a meal-size pizza.

The final form of the pizza was lots of high-edged crust and cheese with tomato sauce. Yummy!

3. Mizza Rice Pizza

How do you pronounce this? Mica Pica? Haha, funny! Of course, who else, if not the Asians coming to a completely different from the world idea! You can find this one in S. Korea and Taiwan, and it’s a combination of fried rice and pizza in one.

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