Healthy Eating Habits In Different Countries

Healthy eating, clean eating, Keto diet, vegan or vegetarian, low-fat, high-fat diet…there are so many types of eating regimes that if you’re brave enough, you can create a new one by combining all of the previous-mentioned in one. You’ll have to spend some time thinking on the abbreviation or the diet name, though.  Joke aside; healthy eating plays a great role in your wellness.

We present you some of the most often applied and widespread eating habits in few countries around the world. Choose the one you believe it’s the healthiest and most wellbeing-friendly, because when it comes to taste, these are the real thing!

1. Brazil 

Except one of the most beautiful nations (both men and women), Brazil is famous for its fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables that Brazilians love to consume fresh and raw. They eat lot of mango, papaya, celery, carrots and unprocessed foods. One of their tricks in healthy eating is to eat together with their loved ones, because they eat less in that way and feel full faster than when eating alone. Company makes the best soul food!

2. India

If you’ve ever tried Indian cuisine, you know that there are few dishes that don’t have spices. According to the people of India, spices improve the food’s taste and they have many digestive, anti-inflammatory and metabolic benefits. Some of their favorites are; saffron, ginger, curry, curcumin (turmeric) and cinnamon.

3. France

This amorous country, known for its flavorful wines and melting, stomach-orgasmic cheese, respects almost every food. Actually, the French people enjoy eating small and healthy meals, without restraining themselves from sweets, dairy or alcohol. Santé!

4. China

The northern you go, the more fish you’ll eat. Otherwise, Chinese people love to consume lots of vegetables (and fish, in moderate amounts) and soups. They love making and preparing homemade vegetable soups, which you can also find in almost every restaurant.

5. Sweden

The Swedish are known for their delicious milk products, including cheese, milk and butter (yummy)! They don’t consume lot of veggies and fruits, because they indulge in the meltness and softness of their most delicious dairy products. The Swedish people are one of the nations with the lowest number of obese people, thanks to the calcium and fiber in the foods they’re eating. And yes, they consume fish, although Iceland and Norway are more prominent for that.

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