Interesting History Smoothie Facts That You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever thought about the famous beverage that everyone went crazy about and can barely pass a day without it? Smoothies – our latest favorite healthy and tasty drinks that make us feel proud when we create one. Smoothies based on fruits, smoothies that resemble milkshakes, layered smoothies and whatnot else. The main thing is that we all love them, but hardly know about their history. Here are some interesting facts that you mind find amusing and informative. Surprise and confuse your dear ones next time you’re preparing the smoothies they love so much: print these facts and make some fortune cookies with facts instead messages inside them.

  • Since long time ago, Mediterranean and Eastern societies have served pureed fruit based drinks that take after what we call smoothies today.
  • The first blended juice and smoothie-like beverage has been made in the 1900’s, when the refrigerator was invented.

  • 1930’s – the period when refrigerator’s role in keeping food frozen became a trend and when the first blender was presented to the citizens of the USA.
  •   In 1932 the inventor, Stephen Poplawski, got the patent for the appliance that would transform fruits and veggies to a liquid.
  • Poplawski was the first person that thought of and realized his idea to place spinning blades at the bottom of what was supposed to be a mixer machine.
  •    In 1935, Fred Osius developed the idea for this machine and created the well-known Waring Blender.
  • In the beginning and before the refrigerator became affordable to every class and family, smoothies were made only with fruits that were available during the season, because frozen food wasn’t available.
  • Smoothie became popular in the period between 1930’s and 1960’s.

  • The hippie years were the lucky years for smoothie promotion and popularity.
  • In the 1960’s, social movements that supported and advocated for healthy eating and macrobiotic food boosted smoothies’ importance and presence in the then popular culture.
  • And then in 1970’s came Jack LaLanne. Yes, the famous sir that you watch on your TV. He began his fitness club where he emphasized the importance of healthy eating and the consummation of juices, fruits and veggies.
  • In 1970, Steven Kuhnau, then a teenager who was trying to find an alternative to milkshakes because of his allergies to milk, started juicing fruits and veggies. Later, he opened the healthy food store name The Smoothie King. That’s where today’s most famous beverage’s name comes from.

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