The benefits of cooking with your children

If you’re a parent who loves their children but also has a hobby that in the last few years has turned into passion and if that hobby is getting your master diploma in the kitchen without studying, then you should be proud of yourself.  You have two amazing roles that when combined, they transform you into a superhero. You love and you make the family happy. However, having toddlers or children who need you most of the time and who love being around you, calling your name and looking for you around the house while you’re working on a new recipe, it’s probably a sign that it’s time to include them in your activity.

Cooking is often misinterpreted as an activity that should be done only by adults, with foolish reasons like: children don’t know how to cook, children distract you from your actual task, and children can get hurt…blah, blah, blah. None of these should bother you if you know how to take care of your children and if you experience cooking as a process of enjoyment. Actually, you should let your children participate in what you do. Cooking with your children is one of the easiest and most productive ways of creating a strong bond with them and naturally teaching them to responsibility and new skills.


One way to include your children to this activity is to ask them if they could help you. You see, it’s all about the way you approach them. If you ask for help, they will feel trusted and capable of accomplishing something. Plus, knowing that the family will enjoy a meal prepared thanks to them will motivate them additionally. Don’t force them and don’t give them frustrating tasks. Instead, give them a duty that they’ll enjoy. Let them learn by themselves, but make sure you tell them that they should feel free to ask you for help and support and that there’s nothing embarrassing in doing so.