The dental diet: Foods that will do good to your teeth

Your dental health is determined by the food you eat. That’s logical, because the digestion and the breaking down of the food you eat starts in your mouth. If you want to have nice white and healthy, solid teeth that will make you feel self-confident thanks to the smile you’ll win hearts with, you should know the four principles of dental nutrition.  What if we tell you that food that is good for your teeth it is also benefits to your whole body and your physique also. If we´ve convinced you, check out the tips below.

1.You should strive to have strong jaw, healthy mouth and clean airways.

The strength of your jaw, face bones and the muscles’ flexibility affect your airways’ health. They actually support the main structure of the pathways, so you should take care of keeping them health. Do that by consuming whole foods like nuts and seeds, vegetables and chewy foods.

2.Take care of your teeth with the right nutrients intake.

Your mouth needs a regular and proper fat-soluble intake, which means that you should consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Consume the ones that have higher amounts of vitamin K2, vitamin D, which is one of the main vitamins that take care of the regular and healthy digestive system (it helps the system to absorb calcium from the eaten foods), vitamin A and calcium.

3.Have a diverse microbiome.

Bigger part of your overall wellness and health depends on the microbiome in your mouth and digestive tract. There is a constant need of balance between the good and bad bacteria that have influence over metabolism. Your meals should be balanced in the amount of probiotics and prebiotics. This means that you should consume foods that are fermented and also foods that are rich in fiber (here, you can find the necessary amount of prebiotics).

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